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George Lopez helps Prince’s Family

Good guy George Lopez in Prince’s families new guardian angel. George Lopez fronted money to Prince’s family when the singer passed. Come to find out, George Lopez was a good friend of Prince and when he learned that all of the assets in the estate have been frozen until a judge determines how much the administrator can distribute to the family members for live expenses. Prince was a very generous individual during his lifetime by giving money and homes to family members.

Some of the siblings of Prince are now cash strapped because they’ve been temporarily cut off and as it stands, George has advanced them $20k to cover living and travel expenses. Sad to say, this really should not be a problem as Prince’s siblings should have actually worked hard in their lives to earn an honest living and not to expect a handout.

The distribution of wealth between Prince’s family members will be an interesting situation to watch unfold. Stay tuned for the latest details regarding Prince’s estate and news regarding the singers sudden death.

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