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Calvin Harris injured in Car Accident

Calvin Harris was involved in a horrible accident on Friday Night however, based on images circulating the web, he is one luck man. Calvin was a passenger in a SUV which was struck by a VW Bug driven by a 16 year old. The VW Bug crossed the dividing line …

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Justin Bieber Sued for $650k!

Well its about damn time someone try’s to squeeze this little shit for some money! Justin Beiber just got sued in Montreal by a promotional company call Team Productions for apparently destroying their business with one little tweet. The promoter in question, states that they had struck a deal for …

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Prince may have a long lost son!

According to the latest news, Prince may have a biological son who is not mentioned in the probate case regarding his estate. Legal documents claim that Carlin Williams of Missouri, a 39 year old thug currently in federal prison for gun possession, is now claiming that his mother met Prince …

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Prince traveled miles for prescriptions

A sad revelation has just come to light. Prince had traveled to atleast 8 pharmacies close to Paisley Park on his way to pick up prescription pills hours before his death and it sounds like it was an effort to cover up a paper trail of multiple prescriptions. It is …

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Starbucks sued for $5 Million

A new lawsuit filed is accusing Starbucks of ripping off customers by loading up iced beverages with ice cubes instead of the expensive coffee we pay for. The issue at hand according to court documents, it not receiving the advertised amount of beverage(surprise surprise). For example, a venti is supposed to …

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