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Lorde and Nick Jonas Partying with Ms Gaga

A photo is currently making its rounds today showing Nick Jonas and Lorde leaving from Lady Gaga’s birthday party over the weekend. This would be one heck of a hookup if it turned out to be actually true! The chances of these two actually hooking up are just astronomical at …

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Kanye West Begging for Money

You have got to be shitting me. So word on the block is Kanye West is now begging for some dollars. $53 Million Dollars to be exact as that is how far in debt he is. This POS blew through millions and had the nerve to ask Mark Zuckerberg of …

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Ted Cruz Campaign for President Destroyed!

Well isn’t this just the greatest breaking point of this Presidential election. Apparently Ted Cruz has been extraordinarily busy! So busy, he has not only been campaigning for President but screwing around town according to the National Enquire who broke the NEWS with the following: “A HOOKER, A TEACHER & …

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