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About CTT

How was CTT Founded?

CTT was an idea of mine that came to me as I was watching a popular Celeb news show, TMZ(You guys rock btw) and I thought to myself, how cool would it be to just completely trash talk some of these idiot celebs/athletes within the actual News/Gossip segments? This would be a freakin hilarious twist on the News. Ofcourse a popular TV based news agency could never do this due to the good ole FCC however, a website sure as shit could! CTT was founded by myself, Jay, the Editor in Chief of Celeb Trash Talk.

Aren’t you afraid of being sued?

Hell No. Our opinions are just that, opinions. We believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We post our thoughts on the behaviors of your Favorite Celebs, Athletes and Politicians while we present current News and Gossip Stories that are found all around the web. We will never make outlandish claims against anyone under any circumstance, even Kanye.

What is CTT all about

CTT(Celeb Trash Talk) is your one stop shop for your Favorite Celeb, Athlete and Politician News and Gossip with a trash talkin twist! Our mission is simple, bring people together through the enjoyment of Celeb gossip/news while completely talking shit about all off them!