Celine Dion

Pecquenard / KCS PRESSE

We’re not sure what we love the most about this photograph, because it’s just too good.

Singer Céline Dion was spotted rounding out her high-fashion week in Paris with a style statement that is incredibly hard to ignore (especially if you’re all about nostalgia, all the time). Dion stepped out wearing an oversize Titanic sweater. Yes, really!

The epic casual piece included a graphic of baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio, a never-letting-go Kate Winslet and the sinking ship. The words “Coming Soon” are sprawled down each sleeve, proving that this is also quite the collectible. But before you start searching the interwebs to cop yourself a sweater, you may want to double check that piggy bank of yours. 

This incredible sweater is actually a sold-out, $885 piece from Vetements. Did you get that? Nearly a grand for a sweater. That’s more than a first-class ticket on the Titanic. And let’s be real, the value only goes up if you’re Dion wearing it, because nobody will forget her angelic voice singing “My Heart Will Go On” for the film.

Ugh, we get emotional just thinking about it.