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Dallas Sniper Suspect Killed

We are now learning that one of the sniper suspects in relation to the devastating attack on law enforcement officers in Dallas, TX is now dead. This comes after a lengthy standoff with police in Dallas, TX. The suspect in question is Micah Xavier Johnson. This piece of trash told officers he acted alone out of desire to kill white people, especially white officers.

Johnson was an Army reservist and we are being told, he served atleast one tour of duty in Afghanistan. Johnson was killed after police detonated a bomb delivered by robot after officials failed to negotiate with Johnson. The decision was made to use a robot as the grave and imminent danger to officers was too high as Johnson had already had an exchange of gun fire with officers and negotiations broke down in failure. As well, during this standoff with police in a nearby hotel, the suspect told police there were bombs planted “all over” downtown Dallas, the city’s police chief said at a press conference.

Based on Johnson’s facebook page,  we are learning liked pages connected to Elijah Mohammed, the founder of the Nation of Islam, and also like The New Black Panther Party and the Black Riders Liberation Party.

In addition, we are now learning that Dallas, TX Police had found bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition and a personal journal of combat tactics. Dallas Texas Detectives are in the process of analyzing the information contained in the journal and we will post the latest updates regarding these finds as they become available.


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