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Justin Bieber Sued for $650k!

Well its about damn time someone try’s to squeeze this little shit for some money! Justin Beiber just got sued in Montreal by a promotional company call Team Productions for apparently destroying their business with one little tweet.

The promoter in question, states that they had struck a deal for Justin to do an appearance at the Beach Club this past August. Justin Bieber was supposed to do a couple of songs and then hang with some fans however, the event was scrapped.

Now this is where things get interesting. Team Productions claim they paid Justin Bieber $250k when he signed the contract, and promised another $175k right before the event began. However, Team Productions claim Justin was not hyping up the gig on his social media as mentioned in the contract.

The promoter states Justin demanded they pay the rest of the money or he wouldn’t show up, but since Justin was not hyping the event enough, Team Productions wanted a discount, and rightfully so. Some negotiations took place but failed, which then lead to Justin tweeting on the morning of the vent that he would not be attending because the promoter lied supposedly.

Some Beiber sources were claiming that Team Productions simply did not have the $175k balance when it came time to pay even though it had been using Justin’s name to promote however, Team Productions insists it had the cash but simply wanted to cut the rate because the little shit did not hold up his end of the deal.

Team Productions states it has now been branded a liar and as a result, no one wants to work with them. They are seeking $650k in damages and personally, I see this case being settled outside of court but only time can tell.


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