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Prince Treated for Drug Overdose Shortly Before Death

Please keep in mind, there is no saying what the full circumstances are regarding the reported overdose that caused Prince’s plane to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois last Friday(April 15, 2016).

Previously, Prince’s reps stated he was battling a bad case of the Flu, which makes no sense as Prince was less than an hour from his home in Minnesota. Most would prefer to battle the flu from the comfort of their own home.

We are currently hearing from several sources including TMZ that Prince was rushed to a hospital in Moline, Illinois and was administered a shot of Narcan, or commonly referred to as a “save shot” which is formulated to “dose down” an Opiate overdose. In addition, Narcan can also be used as an overdose treatment for heroin and fentanyl. Doctors had advised Prince to stay in a hospital for 24 hours however, when a private room was unable to be provided, Prince decided to bail and flew home. It has been reported that Prince was most definitely not doing well when he left the hospital.


This is an incredibly sad update to the sudden death of Legendary Prince. Please keep in mind, there is no word yet on if indeed Prince died of opiate use, or if he was undergoing treatment for an illness. Please continue to follow us here at CTT for further updates.

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