Ramon Planas, From Necsia: One Thing Is Teleworking And Another Is Working At Home



Ramon Planas, the CEO, explains how the company went through the toughest moments of the health crisis and how it is helping the Ibex35 firms to make teleworking efficient

Ramon Planas, the general director of Necsia IT Consulting, a Microsoft partner very focused on facilitating the migration to the cloud of IT workstations in large companies, describes in detail the phases of the Covid-19 crisis: “In the first 15 days after the state of alarm nothing happened. Everyone was in a state of shock, analyzing what was going to happen to their company. The following month, April, was tough. We had to retrofit services to many clients. It was a very turbulent month. We can say that the ship was buffeted by the waves. And from the beginning of May, we go back to cruising speed. And since the beginning of June, everything is starting to reactivate. Especially the projects that were frozen by COVID.

Necsia, like other technology firms, has been fortunate to be in a sector that, in general terms, has weathered the storm. Necsia is helping large accounts and firms of the Ibex35 to make telework more productive and implement the so-called smart digital workplace. Because, as Planas says, one thing is teleworking and quite another is “working at home”, which is what many companies forced by the state of alarm and confinement are doing at first. “Teleworking implies having the means, that the company is prepared to provide the required productivity, that there are collaborative practices, etc. If teleworking is going to be the norm, there are many changes to be made ”. And Necsia is helping clients to make that transition to a teleworking environment proper. 

One of the star products of this consultancy these days is its application that measures the use that employees make of the systems when they are at home. But not only the time of use, but also how they collaborate and how they share documents. “We measure collaboration and not just the user. And based on that, we propose to the company changes in the adoption of these tools to increase joint productivity. Microsoft is calling us to talk about this with clients ”, highlights Ramon Planas.

Although Necsia has suffered the general uncertainty caused by the health crisis and the economic slowdown in March and April, its business prospects for the year are good. Planas assures that the consultancy, which currently employs around 200 professionals, could grow by 10% this year “despite Covid-19” and despite the transfer of its security unit to UST Global. In a scenario without a pandemic, the growth of Necsia, according to its manager, would have gone to 25%.

Application development and data analytics

But Necsia’s business does not stop at the digitization of the workplace with Office 365 and its management and security. Planas, who proclaims that his company is “a boutique of technological services”, recalls that another leg of the business is that of intelligent apps. “We develop applications and offer them to clients in SaaS format. Thus, companies only have to worry about injecting data and exploiting it. They are applications that we mount on Azure and develop in .Net. We also have zero code applications. That’s where we work on process automation ”. 

And the third leg of Necsia’s activity is data analytics. “We want the client, through the creation of data lakes, to be able to enrich their data with external information on climate and other variables, such as the evolution of COVID, for example. For this, we establish predictive algorithms based on machine learning. In this way, companies can make their predictions with greater precision. We work on this in Azure.

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