The New Normal Comes To Extreme Networks Customers And Channels



The goal is to help customers and partners adapt work environments to the “new normal.” Among the tools it offers is the provision of unlimited historical data on “cloud” network traffic.

Extreme Networks has announced the launch of a new initiative, called #NewNormal, which aims to help clients and partners adapt their work environments to the arrival of the “new normal”, which will involve, among other things, the return of teleworkers to company facilities and compliance with social distancing and movement control regulations.

This initiative includes

Unlimited historical data for ExtremeCloudIQ users. Extreme Networks is the first company in the market to offer unlimited historical data on “cloud” network traffic, compared to the 30 days offered by the rest of the market providers. Beginning July 1, all new ExtremeCloudIQ customer users with a Pilot subscription will have access to unlimited data for the entire term of their subscription. Current customers will also be able to enjoy this unlimited access during this year.

The possibility of having this historical information on aggregated network traffic and usage patterns from around the world provides the customer with a series of advantages, to optimize the network:

  • Unlimited access to historical data to plan the management and expansion of the network, thanks to a single and centralized administration tool.
  • Valuable information to improve the accuracy of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which improve efficiency and reduce risk.
  • Greater granularity in the analysis of historical data, since the comparison intervals of minutes, hours, days, and weeks are doubled when adding the month, quarter, season, and year, offering operational comparisons in the medium and long term. For example, a retail establishment can review data from Black Fridays year after year and make decisions about what network needs it has in dealing with sales seasons and configure the network accordingly.

Facilitate agile work environments: As users progressively return to work, the flexible and portable ExtremeCloud IQ application enables administrators to continually adjust the network to changing user, device, and traffic requirements. For companies that need to connect, protect, and manage remote networking sites or remote workers, ExtremeCloudIQ can be deployed to manage preconfigured network kits (both Portable Branch Kit (PBK) and Your Office Home (BYOH), which provide basic networking capabilities and fast to deploy. Thanks to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), ExtremeCloud IQ offers analytics and tools to proactively monitor and optimize the health of the network throughout the organization, whether it is a fixed or temporary location,

Occupancy management- To help HR and Legal adapt work environments to people-to-people regulations, ExtremeCloudIQ integrates with Extreme’s network solutions and third-party technology to provide real-time presence data, monitoring the location of devices and users, as well as real-time location services and positioning within buildings. The information collected allows third-party applications to alert about a congregation of people exceeding established limits, the volume of traffic over time, restricted areas, directional flow violations, or other parameters, including notifying staff when an area requires additional sterilization after prolonged or excessive occupation.

IoT device monitoring and robotic automation- For organizations that require a high level of visibility and monitoring of the environment, Extreme offers secure wired and wireless connectivity and a simple and secure connection and management system through ExtremeCloudIQ. The app provides complete visibility and management of connected devices that monitor health and safety status, without requiring specially trained or technical personnel, and offers correlation of device location and collected data, with unlimited access to historical data. It also helps manage remote operations in robotic manufacturing facilities, aimed at minimizing personnel exposure. Extreme Defender for IoT, a microservices container application,

Tracking Tool: The information provided by the network can be used to track the movements and activity of devices and users throughout the corporate network. With ExtremeWireless access points, managed from ExtremeCloudIQ, organizations have complete visibility into distributed network traffic, providing specific location information and unlimited access to historical data. Administrators can easily control where a certain user went online, what itinerary they took within the company premises, and what other devices were connected in those areas at the same time. All this information feeds third-party tracking applications.

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